Ten years ago, Shauna’s life did a full turnaround.  She had been working in a corporate environment, in a stressful job.  As her stress levels rose, her health deteriorated. After multiple hospitalisations, which culminated in a coma and organ failure, Shauna was forced to medically retire.  As she looked to adjust to this massive shift in life, she wondered what new venture she might pursue.  It was through this turn of unexpected circumstances that her Mother introduced Shauna to the art of crochet.  Her creativity took flight, and she hasn’t looked back.

It wasn’t long into Shauna’s crochet journey, that she reconnected with fellow crafter and APIQ member Judy Williams, a previous neighbour of her parents.  With their many shared passions and their love for crocheting, they became firm friends and collaborators.  Together they have collaborated on social projects, creating crochet works for gifting to remote communities and to local groups that support people who find themselves in hard times.

Shauna and Judy’s crocheted hearts have taken them on quite a journey. The women have gifted them as tokens of support and love to many causes, offering them to young protesters at a climate change rally, to gifting them to the Muslim community of Christchurch.  The hearts and their sentiments of love and generosity have found their way around the globe.  

Within APIQ Shauna and Judy make up the dynamic collaborative Heart Strings.

Photograph by Vlad da Cunha


Shauna Bradley

Crochet nerd, barefoot gardener, feminist.