Photograph by Bianca Tainsh


Rose Feely

Conservationist, horticulturist and creative practitioner

Rose Feely’s artistic practise takes many forms, but always circulates around themes of biodiversity, ecology, and the creative process. Her body of work “Wildflowers” is a series of lino print pattern designs based on South East Queensland Indigenous plants.  Her more current work explores large scale botanical installations using discarded garden waste or ethically foraged plant materials.  And as a conservationist, horticulturist and creative practitioner Rose’s work draws on her fascination with South East Queensland native plants and ecosystems. 


Rose completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Brisbane at Queensland University of Technology in 2009, and while her work explored notions of awe, wonder and transformative spaces there was a piece of the puzzle still to be discovered. It wasn’t until she realised that a gallery space could never capture the profound delicacy of sensations experienced in the natural world that she decided working with nature was far more surreal. Rose went on to study horticulture and found immense delight in plant identification and interconnected vegetation communities. 


Within the science Rose was drawn to the visual expressions of each plant’s pattern, colour and structural formations. “Patterns can be found on a cellular level, but they can also be seen in the bark, leaf venation or flower formation, allowing the observer to categorise the organism and unravel the mystery of its evolution”.


All of Rose’s artistic pursuits aspire to raise awareness around protecting our local biodiversity, and pursue environmental advocacy through positive, inspiration-based creative solutions.

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