APIQ's first project! A limited-edition collection of eight works by APIQ artists. As we are unique individuals, so is each work. Created with a mind to transcend the mundane, to soothe the soul, intrigue and inspire. Gifting on the works to those suffering with 2020 fatigue is highly encouraged!


What you’ll find in the box – fine art, music, craft, contemporary art, indigenous art, dance, botanical activist art, and an interactive movement piece.  


2020 has literally upended the world as we know it.  There has been so much trauma and change that it’s difficult to make sense of what it all means for our way of being.  The intention of the 2020 Survival Kit is not just a bunch of pretty pictures as a temporary distraction from all of this.  We wanted to do so much more, and each artist has created a work that offers a fresh perspective to this particularly crappy year.


Some of the works are uplifting and experiential.  Others are generous and offer the opportunity to extend this generosity through regifting the works.  And some offer new insights into how we might view our world or find new meaning. The 2020 Survival Kit is a little box of intrigue, and the dedicated effort that has gone into every part of it, even the packaging, has been done with creative endeavour and sustainable values.


Works by Gabrielle Quakawoot (aka Goldorang Bunjurla), Judy Williams and Shauna Bradley as ‘Heart Strings’, Bianca Tainsh, Jesse Higgins, Rose Feely, Sara Gauthier-Santerre, Courtney Scheu and Karina Seljak.



  • 8 artworks, all but one made from sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials.
  • 100% recycled cardboard box handprinted by Rose Feely. 
  • Works come wrapped in tissue paper tied with hand-dyed hemp cord.
  • A catalogue of the works, with a bit about APIQ.


2020 Survival Kit