A woman actively embracing the wise woman stage of her life, Judy brings deep heart connections to all her creative endeavours.  Her crocheted hearts, flowers and animals have made their way across the globe through compassionate social projects and inspiring art installations.  Her latest contribution being a dozen flowers to become part of a giant peace sign installed in New York (see @naomirag on Instagram #flowerpeacesign ).  Judy views contributing to these projects as a means of genuinely ‘sharing the love’ and building positive connections.

Heart connections with others, with nature, with our beautiful planet is a passion for Judy, and so she experiences great joy in creating and sharing her crocheted yarn hearts.  “Sharing is a way of weaving connections with others.  The simple gift of a small heart can open up beautiful conversations.”  Judy and fellow APIQ creative Shauna Bradley have worked together on numerous community projects, as they follow the path these hearts lead them along.  Their craft collaboration is part of their unique connection.  But considering their shared affinities as keen gardeners, environmentalists and feminists, the possibilities are endless.  Within APIQ Judy and Shauna make up the dynamic collaborative Heart Strings.

It is quite a mind shift for Judy to accept that her crafting and creating can be embraced into the world of the arts, but she works from the deep understanding that each stitch made, each item created and shared carries with it the intention of the creator.


Photograph by Vlad da Cunha


Judy Williams


Earth carer,  nurturer, feminist, agent for change, environmentalist, major tree hugger, worker, garden adventurer, animal lover, crochet creator and sharer.