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Bianca Tainsh


Contemporary artist & curator.
Advocate for art creating change, fair pay for artists and for human & ecological justice.

Bianca Tainsh is a contemporary artist and curator, based on Lake Weyba, on Gubbi Gubbi country. Her home and studio are nestled on a nature refuge, and so her experiences of natural phenomena inspire much of her thinking and ultimately her art practice.  She is a passionate exponent for a reconnected humanity, ecological justice and for rejecting the systematic programming of consumerism.  Bianca is also an advocate for art ‘creating unique spaces for social transformation’ and has held compelling talks around this topic in webinars, including a TEDx talk.


Bianca founded APIQ as an arts initiative with a vision to form a vibrant community of changemakers from diverse fields, unified by their passion to bring about positive change.  APIQ is her first initiative and is the culmination of over ten years of experience in many different arts environments, from grassroots artist run initiatives, to working in one of Australia’s foremost contemporary galleries.  Her passion for all forms of artmaking, but particularly socially-engaged art, has been a journey of academic pursuits and global art exploration.  


Within her arts practice Bianca’s projects are particularly focused on creating experiential spaces.  Archives of cyber-sourced material and semiotic rhetoric become the provenance for video, digital media, assemblages and live art, all merging to inspire reflection on contemporary dilemmas. 


Her projects invite genuine interaction, and meaningfully engage audiences with issues such as climate change, mass consumerism, and the search for autonomy and spirituality in the digital age.  And, as a way of escaping social expectations and consumerist shaping a reconnection with nature and humanity is often facilitated through ritual and visualisation.  By generating these intimate moments of connection with the audience, Bianca’s projects endeavour to reverberate beyond the immediate scope of her projects and realise actual social transformation.


Bianca has exhibited work in both solo and group shows, and live art performances, nationally and internationally.  She has participated in international residency programs and has been the recipient of an ArtStart grant. Her artistic education includes a 1st Class Honours Degree from RMIT University, and to compliment the social aspects of her practice she also studied Arts & Community Engagement at the Victorian College of the Arts.  Through her Arts Management career Bianca has directed and coordinated arts festivals, curated exhibitions, been a board member of BLINDSIDE Gallery, worked as a gallery manager and enjoyed a four-year career at ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art).



Bianca’s current focus is on the development of APIQ through its recent emergence.  This includes all aspects of building a new arts initiative – strategies, forging relationships and marketing.  And perhaps most importantly, the mentoring of APIQ’s membership as each person adjusts to an unfamiliar framework and new modes of artmaking.


With thanks to an artsQueenland stART grant, Bianca is also about to launch Protist Studio, a sustainable digital fine-art printing lab.  Protist will have an online gallery, curated around exhibitions of art with a focus on nature.  Through this business Bianca will also assist artists to reconfigure their works into saleable digital prints, as a means to build their financial resilience in the changing landscape that COVID-19 has brought upon the arts.  In this way the Protist lab will become a space for skill sharing and creative growth.



From March 2021 Bianca will begin the development of new long-term project.  She will be shifting her creative focus to exploring natural ecosystems, to search for possible parallels to the human world.  The project will take an open disciplinary approach to research and artmaking.  Bianca will look to collaborate with practitioners and researchers from fields like ecology, neuropsychology, nature geometry, ancient knowledges and microbiology. 


Much of her field research will be carried out at Lake Weyba, where there is a unique diversity of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.  This will involve all kinds of data collection, including explorative documentation that will sample sights, sounds and biological phenomena.  If you would be interested in taking part in this project please contact APIQ at the email listed below.


Website - biancatainsh.com

TEDx talk - Art: Creating unique spaces for social transformation - ted.com/talks