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Collaboration, community and changemaking through art

Join a different kind of arts collective and become part of our 2021 program.  Founded in 2020, APIQ is a new arts initiative based on the Sunshine Coast.  With the successful completion of our first project, we are now broadcasting an invitation for new members to grow our diverse collective of artists and changemakers.

About APIQ

When you bring people together around a collective goal, you end up with a unique formula, enriched by a diversity of knowledge, skills and perspectives.  That is why APIQ is not just a membership of artists, but people of all kinds of practices, with the commonality that what they do brings positive change to the world.  


APIQ is about forging a community of members that connect, support, collaborate and develop projects with integrity.  These projects with a social conscience will offer new perspectives, solutions, inspiration, and engagement with the vital themes that affect all of us.  And, as a community APIQ members can collaborate and connect with each other to share support, resources and invaluable feedback, enabling them to produce remarkable projects with enormous potential to connect with wider audiences in meaningful ways.

APIQ membership

Successful applicants will have a profile page added to APIQ’s website, including a biography, a portrait and images of their practice.  They will also be given access to APIQ’s member resources.  New membership comes with a once up $60 fee, and then $20 each following year.  This is to cover the time spent on creating your profile page, sharing your profile on social media and other admin.


As a member you can also keep APIQ updated with your own events, exhibitions and achievements which will be shared in our Enews (with local, national and international subscribers) and may also be highlighted on APIQ’s social media.  We also regularly post APIQ member profiles on our social media ARTIST SERIES.

APIQ members meet up once a month to connect, brainstorm and talk about our upcoming projects.  

When we get together, we organically begin to collaborate together on ideas for projects as we discover connections through our passions and interests.  The director will also present current opportunities and propose new projects that members may want to take part in.  We also get together to share knowledges, swap resources and materials, and to just enjoy the company of other enlightened and creative individuals.  

What kind of projects will emerge through APIQ?  Experimentation and imagination are at the heart of APIQ, so our projects can take all forms.  Already in discussion are touring exhibitions, workshops, a mini-festival, online initiatives, publications, performances and alternate forms of activism.

Because we are going to do such wonderful things together, people and organisations will also look to APIQ when they are searching for creatives and changemakers for their own projects and events.  Each APIQ member has an online profile, so people can see what you do and why.  

APIQ has also attracted supporters and partner organisations.  We have a growing list of subscribers to our monthly Enews from the Sunshine Coast and around the globe.  For our first project, 2020 Survival Kit, we received support through funding from Sunshine Coast Council and they were super excited with the results.  

Just because we are passionate about what we do that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get paid for it.  We will always look to generate an income towards our work and the production costs of our APIQ projects, but this of course only happens in ways that won’t undermine the integrity of our projects or our individual values.  If you are part of a project that requires funding you will need to take part in the application process, but will have the best kind of support in finding appropriate funding and to develop a strong application.  And individual projects will present different avenues for generating income, so you will also have the support of APIQ’s community to help you identify these opportunities.

Yes, we live in a ‘time-poor’ era.  But we all have busy times and lulls in our work and life.  With this in mind your involvement with APIQ can be flexible.  Any contribution to APIQ’s projects will be greatly appreciated but is only necessary if you are part of a project.  Apart from producing work for a project, members also take part in the delivery and organisation of the project, and just as importantly, in promoting the project so that we can reach new audiences.  APIQ has a growing audience who are enthusiastically committed to what we do.  But the more support we have, the greater the impact of our projects and the easier they are to fund.

So, if you’re passionate about creating a better world and want to collaborate with other changemakers on remarkable projects, fill out APIQ’s membership application form today!

Membership is currently only open to Sunshine Coast locals.  If you're from somewhere else and would like to become an APIQ member, please shoot us an email at apintegrityqld@gmail.com


To apply for APIQ membership download and fill out the application form, then email to:

Membership application form:

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