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Anne Harris

Conceptual Artist, Performer, Curator and Creative Thinker

Working with the more than human world is how Anne deeply listens to plants and place.  She is a conceptual artist, performer, curator and creative thinker who shares the stories she gathers through exhibitions, performances, workshops and online courses.  Anne studies the ancient wisdom of women’s mysteries and spends her time deeply rooted in processes that may take months or years of repetition, waiting for the cycles of the earth and the internal landscape to unfold and reveal their inner knowings. 

Anne works mostly with plants, focusing on the craft-based practices of natural dyeing, plant fibre, wood and ink making, through a practice that is experimental and cross disciplinary.  She hopes that by sharing the ideas and tools that are embodied through her practice with a wider audience, this will start new narratives and open learning pathways for others. Currently she is working on the Unseen, a project that began in 2016, using the plants collected by Sir Joseph Banks and the Herstory of the 1770 journey of Captain Cook.  The project looks to the feminine and intuitive responses in this very masculine time of cultural evolution. 

Another project that Anne has been working on since 2015 is Tree Place, a journey of an ancient fallen Tree. Anne saved 6 tonnes of the wood from the local dump, using it to tell stories of local history, culture and our links to the country we walk on. She has been shortlisted for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, the Scottish Craft Biennale and the Churchie Emerging Art Prize.  

Anne hopes by sharing her work and devoting her life’s work to connecting with these universal truths, that others will be inspired to look, listen and become intimate with their own inner truths. Through this knowing and seeking of purpose, our natural world becomes once again known by many, and when this is part of our everyday, we will be the change. 

Currently Anne is working with ritual and ceremony, memory codes and objects.  She is fascinated by the mnemonic landscape both externally and internally, looking at her European ancestry and how belonging and becoming native to a place informs our identity and our relationships. Responding to places, objects and using the intuitive spirit connections with plants to learn and embody the universal wisdoms that are the medicine we seek to grow and thrive. In 2020 Anne began collaboration with the plant known as the Banksia, followed by work on her project Unseen. And this led her to start her Sacred Business School where she combines the masculine business models of costings and budgeting with the feminine wisdom of intuition, creative process, earth cycles and moon cycles. 

In the future Anne looks to further deepen her connections with plants and country, looking at cross cultural collaborations that build and share knowledge, ‘right way’ with respect and understanding of historic and significant places and events. She aspires to build her traditional craft-based skills to a higher level, expand on performance and experimental presentations of her concepts. In collaborative projects Anne would like to work in cross cultural spaces with people of other free-thinking disciplines, who are open to discussions of new ideas, and also respectful of the differences that we all hold. 

 www.anniesworkroom.com.au (www.anneh.com.au as of March)


Photograph ©charmaine lyons photography

AHarris_Skin Deep Self Portait (Stinging