As an arts initiative APIQ is all about the creation of inspiring art projects that transcend everyday life, offering unique and meaningful ways to reflect on our world.  APIQ is a young initiative founded by contemporary artist Bianca Tainsh in late 2020. 


Our approach to artmaking is a bit different, and will shift and transform as we develop as an initiative and as a community of diverse, creative individuals.  We will test new aesthetics, and explore science, nature and spirituality as we look for new ways to define our world.


The growing membership of APIQ makes up a community of vibrant individuals of different fields and artistic disciplines.  Based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia, a connection to place lends a regional flavour to our projects, particularly as many of our creative practices are inspired by the abundant biodiversity of the area.

By collaborating on projects together and by all contributing to the development of APIQ as an initiative, our strength is an abundance of diverse perspectives, knowledge and skills.  This also means that our artmaking takes all forms, like botanical printmaking, string art, sacred dance practice and even contemporary digital works, to name a few.  And as we come together on our projects, our diversity as individuals organically yields rich visual experiences and multilayered narratives.


As much as creating unique art is our passion, so is creating positive social change.  APIQ is about bridging gaps and enabling cultural understanding, vital ingredients for a humanity where all people are enabled to grow and prosper, regardless of colour, gender, age or circumstances.  We envisage a world where nature is viewed as intrinsic to human existence, shaping the way we treat our planet and all the organisms and ecologies we share it with.  And in these turbulent times we aspire to bring people together, helping the individual feel supported and valued, and empowering them to realise positive change through their own lives.

About APIQ

Art Projects with Integrity Queensland

Our philosophy...

  • To present art and socially-engaged projects that inspire, enlighten, stimulate, entice, intrigue and involve, both the mind and body, with something to offer all people.

  • To empower artists and changemakers by providing a supportive environment for them to work on projects that will broaden both their creative and professional horizons and provide an additional source of income.

  • To do things differently, especially by being ambitious and experimental in our creative pursuits.

  • To meaningfully engage people with the topics that define our contemporary reality.

  • To be ecologically considerate in all aspects of our activities, like endeavouring to use sustainable materials and methods in our artmaking and in the delivery of our projects.

  • To enable the sharing of knowledge and skills within our membership, but also with the wider community.

We live and practice on Gubbi Gubbi country, their sovereignty never ceded.  To all First Nations people, we express our deep respect for your culture, your connection to country, and your fundamental knowledge of stewarding the land.  We look forward to the day when that knowledge finds its place in government agenda, and we all live together as respectable custodians on First Nations land.