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Art Projects with Integrity

APIQ is a creative initiative of changemakers, based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia.  Artists, craft makers, researchers, sacred giometers, musicians, conservationists, dancers, activists.  Each member of APIQ is one or more of these things, but what unifies these kaleidoscopic pursuits is our passion to bring positive change to the world.

Through our projects we create art that is generous in nature.  Our works offer new ways of seeing and experiencing our world by creatively exploring humanity, science, ecology and ancient knowledges.  We endeavour to create art that transcends the mundane, to stimulate our intellect and our soul, to intrigue and inspire.  And most importantly, to rekindle a collective curiosity in the natural world.

We live and practice on Gubbi Gubbi country, their sovereignty never ceded.  To all First Nations people, we express our deep respect for your culture, your connection to country, and your fundamental knowledge of stewarding the land.  We look forward to the day when that knowledge finds its place in government agenda, and we all live together as respectable custodians on First Nations land.